Create your own remote control

Plug in and connect, remote control is easy

QuickBLE RM can connect home appliances and USB devices through relay control lines and USB jacks, and select three different control modes through the mobile app to create a unique Bluetooth remote control.

  • Multiple output interfaces
  • Fast control mode
  • Support USB devices and home appliances(AC devices)
  • Instant remote control via mobile App
  • Switch’s switching time can be set

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  • Buzzer x1:Sound can be set
  • USB2.0 port (500mA) x2: USB small lamp, fan can be connected
  • Relay x2:Motor, electric fan can be connected. (Operation upper limit: 12A/250VAC, 15A/120VAC, 15A/24VDC)
  • 5V contact x1: External circuit.
  • Please pay attention to electricity safety.


  • Control via Bluetooth connection


  • Micro USB interface, 5V 1A

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How to use

The following demonstrates the application of QuickBLE RM

QuickBLE RM use instructional videos

1. Bluetooth connection settings 2. Remote control mode 3. Timer mode 4. Instant control mode

QuickBLE RM Remote control car

Operate remote control car via instant control mode

User guide

Following the steps below, using QuickBLE RM is easy

── First ──
APP download and setting

── Second ──
QuickBLE RM installation method

── Third ──
Please refer to this step if you want to control household appliances (110V)
If not, please skip to the next step

── Forth ──
App use teaching

── Mode one ──
Remote control mode

── Mode two ──
Timer mode

── Mode there ──
Real-time control mode

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